The Boston Shipping Association, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1946.  In 1946 the Association, commonly known as "BSA" was founded to administer the newly-created fringe benefits coming into Union contracts for the first time. 

With a diverse membership of firms comprising those steamship owners, agents, stevedores, terminal operators, and service organizations who employ waterfront labor, years of trial and progress led to the first modern longshore contracts in 1968 which established grievance procedures with fixed arbitration provisions, a successful Union-run Hiring Hall, and confirmed the joint labor/management handling of pension, health and welfare funds.

In addition to handling multi-million dollar investments in pension/welfare monies and negotiating labor Agreements, the purposes of the BSA have broadened.  A major purpose is to maximize the use of the Port of Boston by ocean shipping and shippers of both export and import cargoes by providing quick vessel dispatch concomitant with cost improvement so as to attract new business to Boston as well as retain old customers. 

BSA is a member of the North Atlantic Ports Association, and member of the Boston Harbor Association, National Maritime Safety Association, American Association of Port Authorities and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. 

The Boston Shipping Association, Inc. is dedicated with pride to the progress of the Port.